Dear readers.

My name is Nina Halliday, LMT, CPMT.

I am a mom with 3 girls: Eleanor, Sophie and Audrey.

I am married to a chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Halliday, and together, we have an office called The Chicago Body Works: A Chiropractic & Massage Spa.

I have been working as a therapist since 2001. I am certified in Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, Myofascial Release, Pediatric Massage, Cupping, Sports Massage and Manual Therapy.  Manual Therapy is a combination of many techniques and allows me to get deeper into solving the “body puzzle”.

Another of my passions is running. I have run five Marathons and I am currently training for a sixth.

Passion infuses all of my work. I love children of all ages and I believe touch is one of the most important things we provide as parents and body workers. I truly believe that touch improves the quality of our lives.